Why I Love You, Part 3

Recently and unexpectedly a great and wonderful blessing has visited upon me, and the next time —the last time—has come. I have met a woman, a woman  who reminds me each day why I enjoy being in love, a woman  who is teaching me more about loving than I have ever known. She gives me acceptance, kindness, and grace that compel me to better myself for her enjoyment. She pleases all my senses, stimulates my mind and my passions, and encourages my ever-increasing hunger for her company. She lets me love her the way I want to, and welcomes all that I have to give her. She tirelessly shows her love and enthusiasm for me. I have told her of my many weaknesses and trespasses, and she has not retreated from me. I have revealed to her my fears, and she has comforted me. I do not know how I became so fortunate, but I know that I am.

It is because of this woman that I, for the first time, now question myself and my past relationships, worrying that the way in which I have conducted myself leaves me suspect when I tell her how I feel about her.  What if I cannot adequately express to her what she has come to mean to me, or why she is different from those I have known before her? I worry that I cannot say something original to her, or do something for the first time with her, that I will be unable to make it clear to her and to others that this time it is different. Out of this worry comes a determination and resolve to do the only thing I know how to do, but to do it better than ever before, and that is, to just dive in. So it is with this book that I fearlessly walk to the edge and declare to her that I want to be with her—now and always. When I first place it in her hands, it will be with this book that I tell her, “I love you, and I want to tell you why.”

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I am a depraved, morally bankrupt wretched sinner through and through. I’ve attended church sporadically most of my life, haven’t spent a minute in seminary and only recently gave the Bible more than a cursory review. I’ve attended exactly one theology class and I dropped out of that. However, in spite of my moral infidelity, I’ve come to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I’ve learned my salvation isn’t the result of what I do, but rather what Jesus has done on my behalf. I didn’t find the Holy Spirit, He found me. And in our relationship I have invited Him to change me, to use me for His purpose, to conquer my will with His own. Praise the Lord, for even an unworthy, chronic sinner like me can experience and give testimony to His glory!
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