Strength Made Perfect in Weakness

To serve God with any success, for doing God’s work well, we must know our own weakness. If we march into battle in our own strength, when we boast, “I will conquer,” defeat is not far away. God will not go with one who marches in his own strength. Those who serve God must serve Him in His way, in His strength, or He will never accept our service. God will only reap of the seed sown from heaven, watered by grace, and ripened by love. Are you worried about your own weakness? Fear not, for we must acknowledge our weakness before the Lord will bless our effort. Our emptiness is preparation for being filled, and our casting down is the making ready for being lifted up.

based on a Charles Spurgeon writing

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I am a depraved, morally bankrupt wretched sinner through and through. I’ve attended church sporadically most of my life, haven’t spent a minute in seminary and only recently gave the Bible more than a cursory review. I’ve attended exactly one theology class and I dropped out of that. However, in spite of my moral infidelity, I’ve come to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I’ve learned my salvation isn’t the result of what I do, but rather what Jesus has done on my behalf. I didn’t find the Holy Spirit, He found me. And in our relationship I have invited Him to change me, to use me for His purpose, to conquer my will with His own. Praise the Lord, for even an unworthy, chronic sinner like me can experience and give testimony to His glory!
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