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Looking for some concrete, practical ways to serve God from the model of Christ? Lead, Serve, Love: 100 Three-Word Ways to Be Like Jesus by Gregory E. Lang provides 100 examples of how to live more and more like Christ.

This small, beautifully-presented devotional is split into 100 two-page brief devotions on serving God. Each turn of the page reveals a simple, yet profound three-word phrase for the reader to memorize or recall to aid in focusing on servitude. These phrases are very biblically focused and quite convicting while still encouraging, like “love your enemies,” “act with humility,” or “yield to wisdom.” After each phrase is a brief one-paragraph devotional explanation, followed by 3-5 related and applicable verses.

Personally, I enjoyed many of the devotions. The author succinctly conveys in a conversational tone why or how that three-word action carries such impact. (For example, from the first devotion, “Smile at everyone:” “A smile is a one-second chance to extend God’s grace and love to someone who otherwise might never see Him.”) I sometimes desired continued discussion after reading a few of the devotions, but this book is not meant as a deep study, but rather a useful, applicable guide to begin a study and to act on faith.

I love having the Scripture references for two main reasons: I like foundational truth behind the devotions, and it provides verses for deeper reflection and memorization. The author even recommends that the reader read the context around the focus verses to better learn, understand, and grow. I agree with this advice. The brevity of each devotion leads well and warrants spurring into more in-depth study into the Bible itself.

The author suggests in the introduction that this book is for the newer (or perhaps recently more dedicated) believer to learn how to serve God. I would consider this book useful for any believer to take a few (perhaps new) ways to serve others with God’s love. Regardless, this book could be devoured quickly in a few short reading sessions, or spread out over 100 days as a daily devotional. (The back cover proposes this reading plan: “Practice one down-to-earth message each day, and see your life change in an eternal way.”) Intentionally focusing on putting one message (or verse) into practice per day could help us begin and maintain a more active faith.

The following review was posted on the Lead Serve Love page on Barnesand Click here for the original review and other comments about the book:

This book would make an excellent gift for a Christian in any stage of the journey. It would also make a wonderful Bible study for teens and adults alike. The book is a compilation of three-word phrases designed to help the Christian lead a more Christ-like life. Relevant Bible verses accompany each phrase.

How exactly does a person lead a life that is more Christ-like? I have always struggled with this, since Christ was, well, Christ. How can an ordinary human live up to his standard? This book helps with this, taking key passages from the Bible and summing each up with a quick, three-word sound byte that makes it easy to understand how we can walk as Christ did. This is definitely a book that was meant to be savored slowly. Sure, you could quickly read through the three-word phrases, and you’d get something out of it from page one. But it would be so valuable to take each phrase one at a time, studying the Bible verses with each phrase, and reading further into the relevant Bible passages.

This book would make an excellent Bible study, and I plan to spend more time with it over the next few months. I would recommend this book to anyone who is confused about how to lead a Christ-like life.

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    Glad to get to know you better here today, Greg. The Lord has gifted you in many ways – praise Him that you aren’t ignoring them. 🙂
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