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Share Your Joy

Share your joy. To share your joy with others, to love others as Jesus loves you, is not only a form of thanksgiving and praise, but a way to cause others to wonder what you are so happy about. If … Continue reading

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Live as Servants

Live as servants. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. Be a shepherd of God’s flock, give an example that others may … Continue reading

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Act With Compassion

Act with compassion. Jesus had compassion with everyone, attending first to their worldly hunger and thirst, and then to their spiritual deprivation. Acts of compassion demonstrate the unfailing concern Christ has for the people, his sheep. In this way you … Continue reading

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Smile at Everyone

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Lead Serve Love: 100 Three-Word Ways to Be Like Jesus, available in stores in just 6 days! On sale May 10th! Smile at everyone. A smile is an easy yet powerful way to … Continue reading

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The original Lead Serve Love introduction…

I have received my copies of Lead Serve Love, and it is a beautiful book! So good to finally get my hands on it! Wow, I’m most proud of this book, my 27th publication since my first book was released … Continue reading

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Unconditional Love

I have struggled with witnessing not to strangers and the unchurched but to my own extended family who are not Believers. I’ve received many words of support from you reassuring me God will give me many opportunities to do his … Continue reading

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A Test(imony)

I must now confess that I find it easy to talk about God and the blessings he has showered on my life when I’m talking with a likeminded audience, and find it difficult when I fear I will be waved … Continue reading

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Spiritual Disciplines

When reading my Stephen Ministry workbook I came upon the following statement (paraphrased): “Those who faithfully practice the spiritual disciplines of prayer, meditation, and study find that God uses those practices to keep them attentive and attached to Jesus.” I … Continue reading

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God’s Expectations

God wants your 100% commitment, not your 99% commitment. Yes, He is gracious and merciful, but you must give all of yourself to Him in order to be with Him. Anything less than 100% fidelity is unfaithful, isn’t it? In … Continue reading

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The Devil is a Mindbender

I remember when a neighbor and fellow churchgoer invited me to have lunch with our Pastor, Randy. I’ve been eager to meet him as he is usually buried under a crowd after the Sunday service and I’ve never been able … Continue reading

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