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Ask for help. You cannot save yourself, nor can you conquer your own sin. But Jesus can, and he waits patiently, listening for you to call on him. Make your requests in his name, depending on the merit and mediation … Continue reading

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Share Your Joy

Share your joy. To share your joy with others, to love others as Jesus loves you, is not only a form of thanksgiving and praise, but a way to cause others to wonder what you are so happy about. If … Continue reading

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All to Him I Owe

I once wrote “because I have a lot of sin to cover” in response to a question about why I do so much missional work. I look back now and see what a misinformed answer that was. I can’t repay … Continue reading

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Stand Still

This is God’s command to the believer when he is under great stress and facing extraordinary difficulties, when he can do nothing to change his pressing circumstances – Stand still. It is good to listen only to God’s word in … Continue reading

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Rose Gardens

Something we should always remember is that God never promised us a rose garden, at least not here on Earth (well, there was Eden, but we blew that). Life in this world is going to have its pains and problems. … Continue reading

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Welcome the Storm

One of the great reassurances I have is that God does not arbitrarily mess with our lives just to see what happens. Rather, he places obstacles in our path to help us see where our faith is; he shapes the … Continue reading

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Raging Water

I really like sermons that are based on action stories in the Bible, stories that seem improbable and miraculous but which have a deeper meaning waiting to be revealed. Recently I enjoyed such a sermon. It was about the crossing of … Continue reading

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A Test(imony)

I must now confess that I find it easy to talk about God and the blessings he has showered on my life when I’m talking with a likeminded audience, and find it difficult when I fear I will be waved … Continue reading

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Spiritual Disciplines

When reading my Stephen Ministry workbook I came upon the following statement (paraphrased): “Those who faithfully practice the spiritual disciplines of prayer, meditation, and study find that God uses those practices to keep them attentive and attached to Jesus.” I … Continue reading

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God’s Expectations

God wants your 100% commitment, not your 99% commitment. Yes, He is gracious and merciful, but you must give all of yourself to Him in order to be with Him. Anything less than 100% fidelity is unfaithful, isn’t it? In … Continue reading

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