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How’s Your Heart?

I remember an annual physical a few years ago in which it was found that my cholesterol was 224. My doctor wanted me to start taking a statin; I resisted, pointing to all my other health indicators and insisting I … Continue reading

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Love the Unloved

Love the unloved. I count this passage among the most important threeologies of the book Lead Serve Love:  Take great care not to befriend only with those in prosperous and influential places. Remember that Jesus dined with and cared for … Continue reading

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Inherited from Adam

A friend and I talked recently about what folly it is to look down on the sinner, failing to see that the very act of doing so is in itself a sin. Friends, we don’t “commit” sin, we have sin; … Continue reading

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Fall on My Knees

What about the tendency of men to be self-righteous? How one can live a distinctively Christian life without falling into the trap of frowning on those who are not living a Christian life? I think it is important to first … Continue reading

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