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The Pit and the Rock

 Much of my Bible reading leads to self-examination, a time to consider the ways of my youth, make a list of my transgressions so that I might go about righting them, and make decisions about how I’m going to … Continue reading

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Fall on My Knees

What about the tendency of men to be self-righteous? How one can live a distinctively Christian life without falling into the trap of frowning on those who are not living a Christian life? I think it is important to first … Continue reading

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A Test(imony)

I must now confess that I find it easy to talk about God and the blessings he has showered on my life when I’m talking with a likeminded audience, and find it difficult when I fear I will be waved … Continue reading

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Better Twice

I am nearly 50 years old and nowhere near a Biblical scholar; my time in the church has been erratic until recently. My study of the Bible has been even more erratic; I preferred to intellectualize my beliefs and rationalize … Continue reading

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