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Turn From Darkness

Turn from darkness. One cannot both indulge in the deeds of darkness and wear the armor of light. Light represents truth, knowledge and holiness. Darkness represents ignorance, error, falsehood and sin. Darkness will cause you to worry about your salvation, … Continue reading

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Are You Responsible?

Embrace your responsibility. The work of evangelism is hard, but to shy away from it is to leave room for lies and chaos to fill the spaces where the truth should be. Boast of the Word and its teachings about … Continue reading

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Overcome Your Trials

Overcome your trials. Even though your body may waste away under painful trials, or is threatened with death, your spiritual strength can be constantly renewed by Christ. Trials remind you of your dependence on God. Give in to your trials … Continue reading

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Count to Three

Count to three. Counting to three implies self-control. Self-control refers not only to control of the temper, but the tongue and passion for money or power. Be careful not to act or speak rashly, especially in anger. Under the influence … Continue reading

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Pray, Pray Pray!

My habit of prayer had been irregular at best most of my life. I prayed when I was afraid, when I wanted something, and when I was guilty. I almost never prayed thanks unless I thought a prayer for rescue … Continue reading

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Spiritual Disciplines

When reading my Stephen Ministry workbook I came upon the following statement (paraphrased): “Those who faithfully practice the spiritual disciplines of prayer, meditation, and study find that God uses those practices to keep them attentive and attached to Jesus.” I … Continue reading

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