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Yield to Wisdom.

The foolishness of God is wiser than your wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than your strength. If you rely on your own wisdom in all things you fail to seek the will of God. If you seek … Continue reading

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Embrace Every Opportunity.

Embrace every opportunity. Opportunities are placed in your path every day, not to test your faith and will, but to reveal your faith and will to you. Use every opportunity to share your faith, for the more often you do, … Continue reading

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Ask for help. You cannot save yourself, nor can you conquer your own sin. But Jesus can, and he waits patiently, listening for you to call on him. Make your requests in his name, depending on the merit and mediation … Continue reading

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What is Wisdom?

Let’s reflect on 1 Kings and Solomon and his reign. You might remember Solomon asked God for wisdom, and God was so please he made Solomon the wisest man the world has ever known. Yet, over time, in an effort … Continue reading

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